We would like to maintain the highest standard of ethics & integrity. We would liketo check any case of corruption. Hence

If anybody of this office asks for bribe Or

If you have any information on corruption
      in this office Or

If you are a victim of corruption in this office,
       Please Complain To »

Chief Vigilance Officer
Hindustan Copper Limited,
Tamra Bhavan, 1, Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue
Telephone no.: 033 – 22021009
EAPBX No.: 033 – 22832226, Ext. 260
e-mail id :

Shri P K Srivastava

Central Vigilance Commissioner
Satarkata Bhavan,
A Block, GPO Complex, INA,
New Delhi 110 023
Ph No. : 011 – 24651021
e-mail id :

Guidelines for Loading Complaint
  • Complaint should be specific with relevant details like Tender/ Supply / Order/Work Order no. and date etc. in case of complaint related to Tenders. In case of complaint related approval of Mining Plan / Scheme of Mining the Mining Pln ID no. should be mentioned.
  • Correct name and address are mandatory for processing the Complaint.
  • No correspondence shall be entertained on the subject after lodging the complaint.
  • In case it is found that complaint was false and harassment of officials has been caused, action may be taken against the complainant.
  • The Complaint having vigilance angle shall only be examined. The vigilance angle comprises of misuse of official position, demand and acceptance of illegal gratification, cases of misappropriation / forgery or cheating, gross and willful negligence, blatant violation of laid down systems and procedures, reckless exercise of discreation, delay in processing the cases, etc.