Tenders List

  From 01.07.2019 onward E-procurement of HCL shall be done through NIC Portal https://etenders.gov.in || Tenders are also available at http://eprocure.gov.in/cppp/

Unit Name Enquiry No Enquiry Date Short Title Closing Date/Time Cost of Tender Document (Rs.) EMD (Rs.) Cancel/Discharge Remarks
KCC KCC/00214/2019-20 19-Aug-2019 RFQ-8257 Procurement of Power Cable & Control Cable Thru' CPPP 19-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 15300.00 NO
KCC KCC/00215/2019-20 19-Aug-2019 Operation and maintenance of Sewerage no.1 & 2 at KCC township and Sewerage Treatment Plant at Lagoon area at KCC 17-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 49000.00 NO As per NIT
KCC KCC/00210/2019-20 17-Aug-2019 RFQ-8252 Procurement of "Fibre Glass Braided Single Core Flexible Copper Cable" 10-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00211/2019-20 17-Aug-2019 RFQ-8261 Procurement of "Copper Lugs" 10-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00212/2019-20 17-Aug-2019 RFQ-8259 Procurement of "Winding Wire Rope" thru' CPPP 26-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 22300.00 NO
KCC KCC/00213/2019-20 17-Aug-2019 RFQ-8258 Procurement of " I C T P " thru' CPPP 23-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 3500.00 NO
MCP MCP/00132/2019-20 14-Aug-2019 MCP14483-REQUIREMENT OF BEARINGS 23-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 2600.00 NO
KCC KCC/00207/2019-20 14-Aug-2019 RFQ-8248 Procurement of Siemens MCC Spares thru' CPPP 16-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 22000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00208/2019-20 14-Aug-2019 RFQ-8251 Procurement of HT-Cables thru' CPPP 12-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 14000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00209/2019-20 14-Aug-2019 PUR/2019/GS/21 /RFQ- 8250 05-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 16000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00009/2019-20 13-Aug-2019 GER399 Annual Maintenance contract for Refractory Work at GCP 04-Sep-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 11000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00206/2019-20 13-Aug-2019 RFQ-8249 Procurement of Siemens PLC Spares 06-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00131/2019-20 13-Aug-2019 MCP14491 OF ARM GUARDS FOR CRSHERS IN CONC. PLANT 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 5000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00132/2019-20 13-Aug-2019 Enquiry No: I-11750/WEB/CONT/BT (Operation & Maintenance of 30 CUM/HR & 20 CUM/HR Softenimg Plant) 03-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 8434.00 NO
MCP MCP/00128/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 M14397 REPAIRING OF CROMPTON GREAVES MAKE 400 KVA TRANSFORMER 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 2100.00 NO
KCC KCC/00204/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 RFQ-8243 Procurement of “Roller and Idler for Conveyor” for Concentrator 05-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 8900.00 NO
KCC KCC/00205/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 RFQ-8247 Procurement of Bearings thru' CPPP-NIC 05-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 5300.00 NO
MCP MCP/00129/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 M14472 PROCUREMENT FOR STEEL SPROCKET FOR PRIMARY APRON FEEDER 28-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00130/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 M14474 PROCUREMENT FOR COUPLING BOLTS 28-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00128/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 Enquiry No. I-11555/nic/MSB/PSD.POWER CONTRACTORS and RELAYS – L AND T 30-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 2885.00 NO
ICC ICC/00129/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 Enquiry No : I-11858/WEB/CONT/BT (OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF COMPRESSORS MAINTE) 03-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 18810.00 NO
ICC ICC/00130/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 I-11793/nic/CS/DIS, PROCUREMENT OF AVITONE “A” CHEMICAL 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 12559.00 NO
ICC ICC/00131/2019-20 12-Aug-2019 I-11860/nic/WTP/DIS, PROCUREMENT OF BARE COMPLETE PUMP WITH COUPLING CAPACITY 328 M3/HR. 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 5776.00 NO
KCC KCC/00202/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 RFQ-8220 Procurement of Power Cables thru' Open-Web / CPP Portal 09-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 15500.00 NO
KCC KCC/00203/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 RFQ-8242 BEARINGS 30-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00016/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 DEVELOPMENT, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF SURDA MINE, JHARKHAND, INDIA 24-Sep-2019 3:00 PM 5600.00 5000000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00125/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 PROCUREMENT OF GEAR BOX OF SCF ELECTRODE HOISTING SYSTEM 30-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 4000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00126/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 I-11886/NIC/ERP/DIS, PROCUREMENT OF ENERGY CHAIN WITH ACCESSORIES 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 1311045.00 13110.00 NO
ICC ICC/00127/2019-20 10-Aug-2019 I-11642/NIC/REFA/DIS, PROCUREMENT OF AUTO WEIGHER SPOON AND LAUNDER AT CAST HOUSE 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 298529.00 2985.00 NO
MCP MCP/00127/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 MCP14449 AMC of computers 2019-20 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 5300.00 NO
ICC ICC/00121/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 I-11834/NIC/WTP/DIS, STRONG ACID CATION EXCHANGE RESIN 03-Sep-2019 12:00 AM 544800.00 5448.00 NO
ICC ICC/00122/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 I-11875/nic/CS/DIS, LEATHER CUM CANVAS HAND GLOVES 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 730000.00 7300.00 NO
KCC KCC/00199/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 KCC/PUR/19/GS/13/RFQ-8240 02-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00200/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 PUR/2019/GS/08 /RFQ- 8241 05-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 5600.00 NO
KCC KCC/00201/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 KCC/PUR/19/GS/17/RFQ-8237 02-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
GCP GCP/00008/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 GER398 Annual Maintenance contract for PP/FRP pipes in refinery at GCP 30-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 5900.00 NO
ICC ICC/00123/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 I-11797/nic/REFA/DIS, PROCUREMENT OF ASBESTOS FIBER FLIFF 03-Sep-2019 11:00 AM 288000.00 2880.00 NO
ICC ICC/00124/2019-20 09-Aug-2019 Enquiry No. I-11580/nic/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF PROCUREMENT OF 1.1 KV GRADE Cu Cable 30-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 21900.00 NO
TCP TCP/00015/2019-20 08-Aug-2019 CIVIL JOB FOR CANTEEN BUILDING 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 12000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00197/2019-20 08-Aug-2019 RFQ-8236 ELECTRICAL ITEMS FOR KCC-TOWNSHIP 30-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00120/2019-20 08-Aug-2019 Running contract for horticulture operations for up keep of the DB, annexed DB, General office,works,STB-02 and hospital area. 30-Aug-2019 2:00 PM 2025800.00 20260.00 NO
KCC KCC/00198/2019-20 08-Aug-2019 RFQ-8235 Procurement of “Sumbersible Slurry Pump for KCM (Mines) 02-Sep-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 13000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00007/2019-20 08-Aug-2019 GER397 Hiring of Vehicles for daily transportation of Executives for GCP 28-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 26000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00116/2019-20 07-Aug-2019 Enquiry No. I-11869/nic/REF/DIS, H. S. GELATINE (TECH). 27-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 8400.00 NO
KCC KCC/00195/2019-20 07-Aug-2019 RFQ-8232 "SERVICE & LIGHTING CABLES" FOR KCM 27-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00117/2019-20 07-Aug-2019 I-11759/WEB/CONT/BT, Repair of floor in front of SCF in Flash smelter 27-Aug-2019 2:00 PM 0.00 11780.00 NO
ICC ICC/00118/2019-20 07-Aug-2019 Enquiry No. I-11736/nic/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF M S PLATE 27-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 11450.00 NO
ICC ICC/00119/2019-20 07-Aug-2019 Enquiry No. I-11806/nic/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF LINER PLATE FOR JAW CRUSHER 27-Aug-2019 11:00 PM 0.00 8361.00 NO
ICC ICC/00115/2019-20 06-Aug-2019 Enquiry No.I-11796/nic/REFA/DIS 27-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 8738.00 NO
KCC KCC/00193/2019-20 05-Aug-2019 AMC for Troubleshooting, Repair and maintenance of Rockwell Automation make PLC used for 0ml Ore crushing and hoisting system at Khetri Copper Mine. 20-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 1100.00 NO
MCP MCP/00122/2019-20 05-Aug-2019 M14401 FABRICATION AND ERECTION OF STRUCRURALS IN CONC. PLANT , 2019-20 (PART-1) 21-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 28100.00 NO
MCP MCP/00123/2019-20 05-Aug-2019 M14402 FABRICATION OF STRUCTURALS AT CONC PLANT MCP 2019-20 -PART-2 21-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 28100.00 NO
KCC KCC/00194/2019-20 05-Aug-2019 PUR/2019/GS/16 /RFQ- 8229 26-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 2700.00 NO
KCC KCC/00191/2019-20 31-Jul-2019 RFQ-8224 TELEPHONE CABLE JOINTING KITS 20-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00014/2019-20 31-Jul-2019 BUILDING OF BOUNDARY WALL ACROSS E-1 QUARTERS 23-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 14000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00192/2019-20 31-Jul-2019 RFQ-8205 PROCUREMENT OF RUBBER MOULDED SPARES 21-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00114/2019-20 29-Jul-2019 Enquiry No. I-11737/nic/RCP/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF M S ANGLE AND CHANNEL 20-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 7490.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00013/2019-20 26-Jul-2019 Tender for sale of 10,000 WMT of Copper Concentrate Malanjkhand Copper Project, Malanjkhand, Madhya Pradesh, India Origin 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00014/2019-20 26-Jul-2019 Tenders are invited from established and reputed container train operators having experience in Port Handling, Customs Clearance, Material Handling and Multimodal Transportation 26-Aug-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 2042000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00188/2019-20 23-Jul-2019 RFQ-8226 Procurement of Dosing Pumps for HRT 20-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00011/2019-20 23-Jul-2019 Sale of Copper Reverts of ICC,Ghatsila,India origin. 04-Sep-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00012/2019-20 23-Jul-2019 Tender for sale of 60,000 WMT of Copper Concentrate of Khetri Copper Complex,Rajasthan, India Origin 04-Sep-2019 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00181/2019-20 17-Jul-2019 RFQ-8211 Procurement of Manila rope 29-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00182/2019-20 17-Jul-2019 RFQ-8212 Procurement of Jim Screw 05-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00170/2019-20 09-Jul-2019 RFQ-8182 "Trailing Cable for Lift - Khetri Mine" 20-Aug-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00112/2019-20 03-Jul-2019 Enquiry No. I-11658/MJ/MSB/PSD.PROCUREMENT OF BUCKET ARM ASSY & BEVEL GEAR SET FOR LHD 20-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 16047.00 NO
ICC ICC/00097/2019-20 24-Jun-2019 Enquiry No. : I-11680/MJ/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF PROCUREMENT OF MULTI STAGE RING SECTION PUMP 27-Aug-2019 11:00 AM 0.00 30000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00076/2019-20 21-May-2019 Providing and fixing of Pre coated G.I. Sheets in Concentrator plant, KCC 10-Sep-2019 2:30 PM 0.00 200000.00 NO 0