Tenders List

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Archived Tender List

Unit Name Enquiry No Enquiry Date Short Title Closing Date/Time Cost of Tender Document (Rs.) EMD (Rs.) Cancel/Discharge Remarks
ICC ICC/00079/2022-23 16-Aug-2022 Enquiry No. : I-13444-LTE-MBR-DIS for Procurement of HSD for Moubhandar Works. 30-Aug-2022 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00169/2022-23 15-Aug-2022 RFQ 9909 Deployment of un-skilled manpower for Housekeeping and Miscellaneous Sanitation Jobs for KCM Dispensary for Eight Months. Total mandays will be 734 of un-skilled category 05-Sep-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 9400.00 NO CPPP Tender ID 2022_HCL_125730_1
MCP MCP/00181/2022-23 13-Aug-2022 M16953 Outsourcing of Calibration of Air Oven, Balance, Standard Weights and Thermometers (LTE) 26-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 200.00 NO
MCP MCP/00182/2022-23 13-Aug-2022 MCP16920 OF LEATHER SAFETY SHOE 01-Sep-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 15500.00 NO
ICC ICC/00077/2022-23 13-Aug-2022 Enquiry No: I-13442/WEB/CONT/NM (Loading, Unloading & Transportation of Ore & Concentrate and Hiring charges of Payloader at Mosabani Concentrator Plant for Six (06) months) 05-Sep-2022 11:00 AM 0.00 86742.00 NO
ICC ICC/00078/2022-23 13-Aug-2022 Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2437433 (Drone Survey of Lease area and upto 100m outside the lease boundary and submission of Digital Aerial Images to Indian Bureau of Mines.) 29-Aug-2022 12:00 PM 0.00 18970.00 NO
MCP MCP/00179/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 M16949 AIR BLOWER FOR PLANT 25-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 530.00 NO
MCP MCP/00180/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 M16948 HYDRAULIC PUMPS OF BD355 DOZERS 01-Sep-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 6700.00 NO
KCC KCC/00166/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 FEED DRUM AND MILL SPARES 02-Sep-2022 1:00 PM 0.00 29815.00 NO
KCC KCC/00167/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 RFQ 9916 AMC OF ABB MAKE DRIVES AND PLC SYSTEMS OF SERVICE SHAFT AND PRODUCTION SHAFT WINDERS AND MG SET AT KHETRI MINE. 02-Sep-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 7700.00 NO CPP tender id : 2022_HCL_125563_1
Corporate Office CO/00023/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 Sale of Copper Anode Slime of ICC origin and Copper Lean Slime of GCP origin 01-Sep-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO CPPP/NIC Tender ID: 2022_HCL_125491_1
KCC KCC/00168/2022-23 12-Aug-2022 RFQ 9915 Contract for outsourcing dewatering Activities from -80mRL BGML shaft to 0 mRL and -60 mRL of Service Shaft to 0 mRL in Khetri underground Mines for a period of one year 02-Sep-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 21600.00 NO CPPP Tender ID 2022_HCL_125569_1
KCC KCC/00165/2022-23 11-Aug-2022 RFQ-9913 STEEL 25-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00164/2022-23 10-Aug-2022 RFQ No.9877 Carbon Brushes 01-Sep-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 1000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00178/2022-23 09-Aug-2022 MCP16894 OF BOWL LINER FOR SECONDARY CRUSHER 29-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 108000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00011/2022-23 09-Aug-2022 Outsourcing of essential services related works at Gujarat Copper Project through Job Contract 23-Aug-2022 12:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00019/2022-23 05-Aug-2022 Tender for Appointment of CHA for clearance of Imported machinery, spare parts and other from Mumbai / Nhava Sheva Port both by Air & Sea at HCL-Taloja Copper Project through CPP Portal 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 6000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00163/2022-23 05-Aug-2022 RFQ-9901 Toggle with seat for crusher 26-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 25320.00 NO
MCP MCP/00177/2022-23 05-Aug-2022 MCP16893 OF Differential Limit Switch,DLS-40/60,415 Volt,50 Amps,Suitable for Grab Crane (Make of crane: Garlick Engineering) 24-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 2000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00161/2022-23 04-Aug-2022 RFQ 9906 Patch repairing work of road from PWD road to KCM Plant Gate 25-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 1300.00 NO CPP Tender id: 2022_HCL_124705_1
KCC KCC/00162/2022-23 04-Aug-2022 RFQ 9907 Monitoring of Khetri and Kolihan Copper Mines – Monitoring of Dust (Area), Dust(Personal), free silica, Noise (Area), Noise (Personal) on half yearly basis for 2 years 25-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 5800.00 NO CPP tender id: 2022_HCL_124735_1
KCC KCC/00160/2022-23 03-Aug-2022 RFQ-9903 GUM BOOT 25-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 26000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00076/2022-23 03-Aug-2022 Enquiry No: I- 13368/LTE/CONT/BT (Limited Tender Enquiry for Installation of Earthing System for new Explosive magazine at Rakha Mines) 18-Aug-2022 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00176/2022-23 03-Aug-2022 M16938 RATE CONTRACT FOR INDUSTRIAL GASES 2022-23 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 14000.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00022/2022-23 03-Aug-2022 APPOINTMENT OF BANKER FOR PAYMENT OF DIVIDEND FOR FY 2021-22 OF THE COMPANY 24-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00171/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 M16928 REQUIREMENT OF AL PVC POWER CABLE FOR MINES 19-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 6300.00 NO
MCP MCP/00172/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 M16930 REQUIREMENT OF SUPER ENAMELLED COPPER WINDING WIRE 19-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 1150.00 NO
MCP MCP/00174/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 M16931 REQUIREMENT OF DISCHARGE ROD 15 FEET 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 1850.00 NO
MCP MCP/00175/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 M16936 MISC. WORK OF WHITE / COLOUR WASHING, DISTEMPERING, PAINTING ETC. IN PLANT AREA 22-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 9400.00 NO
KCC KCC/00158/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 RFQ-9878 Dump Roller Tyre 22-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 1000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00159/2022-23 02-Aug-2022 RFQ-9904 SIA ELECTRODES 25-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 2000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00170/2022-23 01-Aug-2022 M16916 EARTHING STRIP FOR MINES 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 106650.00 2150.00 NO
KCC KCC/00156/2022-23 01-Aug-2022 RFQ 9902 Installation of Apron conveyor and Scraper at 0mRL KCM U/G 22-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 118000.00 NO CPPP TENDER ID 2022_HCL_124315_1
KCC KCC/00157/2022-23 01-Aug-2022 RFQ 9905 AMC for Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance of ROCKWELL AUTOMATION MAKE PLC for Shaft Signaling at 424 M/L (KCM). 22-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 3700.00 NO CPP Tender id : 2022_HCL_124334_1
Corporate Office CO/00021/2022-23 01-Aug-2022 Sale of GCP origin Copper Reverts 22-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00165/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16924 PROVISIONING OF 10538 SEMI-SKILLED MANPOWER TO MINES AND PLANT SECURITY SERVICES 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 149345.00 NO
MCP MCP/00167/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16927 Floor tilling and Aluminium Work for Conference Hall and Lecture Hall of Training Centre at MCP 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 21977.00 NO
MCP MCP/00168/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16932 Wood work false ceiling and finishing works of Conference Hall and Lecture Hall of Training Centre at MCP 18-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 10128.00 NO
MCP MCP/00169/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16864 Drone Survey and preparation of Orthomozaic& DEM for Malanjkhand Copper Mine 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 4990.00 NO
MCP MCP/00161/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16935 PROVISIONING OF 10539 SEMI-SKILLED MANPOWER IN AUXILIARY SERVICES IN SECURITY 19-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 149359.00 NO
MCP MCP/00162/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16933 Replacement of old roof sheets of Conference Hall and Lecture Hall of Training Centre at MCP 19-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 7987.00 NO
MCP MCP/00164/2022-23 31-Jul-2022 M16917 SUPPLY OF HIGHLY-SKILLED MANPOWER FOR THE JOB OF VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS IN MCP 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 98369.00 NO
KCC KCC/00155/2022-23 30-Jul-2022 40 mm Emulsion Explosive 20-Aug-2022 10:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00159/2022-23 29-Jul-2022 M16926 Reffilling of DCP,CO2, FOAM Pressure Type Fire Extingushers 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 1600.00 NO
MCP MCP/00160/2022-23 29-Jul-2022 M16921 Annual Mechanical Maintenance of equipments installed at copper beneficiation Plant capacity 2.5 MTPA and water pumps installed at tailing dam and Water treatment plant 17-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 29750.00 NO
KCC KCC/00151/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 RFQ-9895 AIR HOSE PIPE 18-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 6000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00152/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 RFQ 9896 Assistance in Mechanical Maintenance of Concentrator Plant - KCC 18-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 101000.00 NO CPP Tender id: 2022_HCL_123878_1
KCC KCC/00153/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 RFQ-9897 IMPELLER FOR HRT 22-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 5000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00154/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 RFQ 9898 Desilting of Lagoon at KCC during 2022-23 18-Aug-2022 2:30 PM 0.00 29000.00 NO CPP Tender id: 2022_HCL_123893_1
MCP MCP/00154/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 M16912 REQUIREMENT OF POWER & CONTROL FUSE FOR PLANT 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 157040.00 3150.00 NO
MCP MCP/00155/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 MCP16731 OF CORD RELAYS- 25 MS 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 2700.00 NO
MCP MCP/00156/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 M16913 REQUIREMENT OF RAIL FOR TRIPPER - 4 AND 6 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 479500.00 9600.00 NO
MCP MCP/00157/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 M16914 HEATING STRIP FOR PLANT 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 48900.00 1000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00158/2022-23 28-Jul-2022 M16915 REQUIREMENT OF A1 LUGS FOR PLANT 24-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 53225.00 1100.00 NO
KCC KCC/00149/2022-23 27-Jul-2022 RFQ-9893 Electrical Service Line and Fan Regulator 18-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 1000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00150/2022-23 27-Jul-2022 RFQ-9894 SOLENOID VALVES 18-Aug-2022 2:00 PM 0.00 1000.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00007/2022-23 10-May-2022 NIT for Main Mechanical Ventilators at Malanjkhand Copper Project, Madhya Pradesh, India 16-Aug-2022 3:00 PM 0.00 4100000.00 NO