Tenders List

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Archived Tender List

Unit Name Enquiry No Enquiry Date Short Title Closing Date/Time Cost of Tender Document (Rs.) EMD (Rs.) Cancel/Discharge Remarks
TCP TCP/00011/2024-25 13-Apr-2024 ISO Certification 16-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00024/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 RFQ -10868 / Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4856471 /Procurement of “STRUCTURAL STEEL WITH SAIL/RINL/TATA/JINDAL/ESSAR MAKE” for KCC & KCM - Mechanical 03-May-2024 12:00 PM 0.00 140000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00030/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 3C X 2.5Sqmm Copper Conductor, Round Armoured PVC Cable for UG Mines Lighting 26-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00031/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 LT Power cable for MRS 02-May-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00010/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 Ceramic fibre blanket 03-May-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00025/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 RFQ 10863/PROCUREMENT OF POWER DISTRIBUTION BOARDS 03-May-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 16000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00026/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 RFQ No. 10864 Outsourcing of Mechanical Maintenance of Ore Hoisting System in General Shift of Khetri Copper Mines. (GEM/2024/B/4850928) 30-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 87000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00027/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 RFQ NO. 10859 MAINTENANCE OF DIRECTORS BUNGALOW PREMISES/CAMPUS, LAWNS FOR 2024-25 (GEM/2024/B/4847029) 29-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00028/2024-25 12-Apr-2024 RFQ No. 10869 Proposal for Job Contract for Operation & Maintenance of KCC Telephone Exchange & KCM Telephone Exchange for One Year (GEM/2024/B/4858712) 03-May-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 44000.00 NO
TCP TCP/00008/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 Pinion for 1V Gearbox 22-Apr-2024 10:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00022/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 RFQ-10855 DETONATOR/GEM/2024/B/4843874 20-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 85000.00 NO
TCP TCP/00009/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 ETP Operation & Pollution Monitoring 02-May-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00023/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 RFQ-10849 INDUSTRIAL SALT/GEM/2024/B/4855380 03-May-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00005/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2024/B/4855620 (Engagement of Security Agency at Surda Mine in ICC for 6 months (1 80 Days).) 02-May-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00006/2024-25 11-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2024/B/4855260 (Manpower Contract for dewatering and other essential services of Surda Mines for six (06) months) 02-May-2024 6:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00001/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No. GEM/2024/B/4850880 (Job Contract for Cleaning of foot valves settling tank and clarifier at WTP) 01-May-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00002/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2024/B/4851917 (Calibration, Maintenance, Servicing with Annual Verification and Stamping of 60 MT Weigh Bridge at Kendadih Mine) 01-May-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00020/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 RFQ-10866/Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4852070/Procurement of Air/Water Hose Pipe 01-May-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00021/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 RFQ-10867 /Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4852288 /Procurement of “M.S. ROUND & SQUARE BAR" for KCM Mechanical 01-May-2024 12:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00003/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM-2024-B-4852559 ( Magnetic Defectograph Test for winding rope of 425KW at Kendadih Mine) 01-Jun-2024 12:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00023/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4853436 M18162 Supply of Skilled/Semiskilled manpower for Repair & Maint. of Utility Vehile & OTR Tyre 01-May-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 195850.00 NO
MCP MCP/00024/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 ELMEX CONNECTOR OR EQUIVALENT TERMINAL BLOCK FOR PLANT 22-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00025/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 Cable jointing kit for plant 19-Apr-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00026/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 Aluminium Lug for plant 19-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00027/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 RUBBER MOULDED CARBON STEEL SEAMLESS REDUCERS 22-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00028/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 REQUIREMENT OF WELDING ELECTRODES 19-Apr-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00004/2024-25 10-Apr-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2024/B/4852979 (NDT for the vital components of mining machineries at Kendadih Mine) 01-May-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00018/2024-25 09-Apr-2024 RFQ-10841 /Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4849300 /Procurement of “RUBBER LINERS” for KCC Mechanical 30-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 33000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00021/2024-25 09-Apr-2024 Ground Blast Furnace Slag 18-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 4500000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00019/2024-25 09-Apr-2024 RFQ-10865/Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4850645/Procurement of Filters for Earth Moving Equipments 30-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00022/2024-25 09-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4850839 M18156 Electrical Pole Painting work 30-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00003/2024-25 09-Apr-2024 Handling, Customs Clearance and Containerized Multimodal Transportation of Copper Concentrate from Khetri Copper Complex (KCC), Khetri Nagar, Rajasthan in EXIM Containers FOB Mundra Port OR Break bulk Export from Kandla Port, Gujarat, India, including its handling, Custom clearance, Weighment and loading onto the vessel for export and obtain Bill of Lading. 30-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 1560000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00019/2024-25 08-Apr-2024 M18142 ARC Cold Vulcanization of Conveyor Belts & Rubber lagging, lining jobs in Concentrator Plant 29-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 28175.00 NO
KCC KCC/00015/2024-25 08-Apr-2024 RFQ 10856 A.R.C FOR MISCELLANEOUS CIVIL REPAIR WORK OF WATER SUPPLY DEPARTMENT, 2024 17-Apr-2024 2:30 PM 0.00 18800.00 NO CPP tender id: 2024_HCL_193038_1
KCC KCC/00016/2024-25 08-Apr-2024 RFQ-10857 Spherical Roller Bearing/2023-SPM-KCM-32/GEM/2024/B/4846299 18-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00017/2024-25 08-Apr-2024 RFQ-10858/Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4847752/Procurement of TROLLEY LOCOMOTIVE WIRE AND PANTOGRAPH STRIPS 29-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 11000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00020/2024-25 08-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4847338 - M18147 Annual Maintenace and Service Contract for Air Conditioners, Water Coolers & Refrigerators at MCP 29-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00013/2024-25 06-Apr-2024 RFQ No.10792 FACTEM Make Magnetic Switches & Inductors 16-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00014/2024-25 06-Apr-2024 RFQ-10842 Computed Radiography System/GEM/2024/B/4843341 29-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 20000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00018/2024-25 05-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4840690 - M18137 Repairing of Hydraulic main and swing pumps of BE 1000 Hydraulic excavator 26-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 44050.00 NO
KCC KCC/00011/2024-25 05-Apr-2024 RFQ 10854/GEM/2024/B/4842698/PROCUREMENT OF GRAPHITE CRUCIBLES 26-Apr-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00012/2024-25 05-Apr-2024 RFQ 10835/GEM/2024/B/4842436/PROCUREMENT OF ORGANIC AND INORGANIC CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS 26-Apr-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00013/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 GEM Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4831113 Dated : 02-04-2024 for Brake valves of CAT water tankers 17-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 23800.00 NO
KCC KCC/00008/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 RFQ-10850/CRUSHER LINER/GEM/2024/B/4835321 25-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 116000.00 NO
TCP TCP/00001/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 MS Plates 25-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00002/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Guide Rolls for Stand No: 3V, 5V & 7V 25-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00003/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Roll Neck Oil Seal For 8" Rolls 25-Apr-2024 1:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00004/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Bearings for casting and rolling section 25-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00005/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Coiler Pinch Roll 25-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00014/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Bid Number/: GEM/2024/B/4835297 Dated/: 03-04-2024 for Starter required for Dumper,dozer,excavator etc 24-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00015/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4835999 Dated : 03-04-2024 FOR Viton Oring for BE1600 excavator 18-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00016/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4835722 Dated: 03-04-2024 FOR Procurement of Toner Catridges 24-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00017/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Bid Number/: GEM/2024/B/4835429 Dated/: 03-04-2024 FOR Bottom Dump Cylinders required for BE 1000 Hydraulic Excavator 24-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00009/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 RFQ 10845/GEM/2024/B/4839239/PROCUREMENT OF TOP LOADING PRECISION BALANCE 25-Apr-2024 5:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00010/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 RFQ 10852 Manpower Contract for supply of 1095 mandays of Highly Skilled, 2190 mandays of Skilled, 2190 mandays of semi-Skilled Surface category, Total of 5475 mandays in one year for Shift Operation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipments at Concentrator Plant (GEM/2024/B/4838879) 25-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 125500.00 NO
TCP TCP/00006/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 HDPE Bag for Mill Scale Loading 15-Apr-2024 7:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00007/2024-25 04-Apr-2024 Coiler Scissor Arm Pin and Gm Bush 25-Apr-2024 8:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00009/2024-25 03-Apr-2024 Bid Number/ : GEM/2024/B/4832741 Dated: 02-04-2024 for Procurement of OFC Cable 17-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00010/2024-25 03-Apr-2024 Bid Number/ : GEM/2024/B/4832556 Dated/: 02-04-2024 for WATER HOSE, 1 INCH AS PER IS - 444 /1980, DOUBLE BRAIDED, TYPE -2, WORKING PRESSURE 10 kg/cm². 17-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00011/2024-25 03-Apr-2024 Bid Number/ : GEM/2024/B/4832690 Dated: 02-04-2024 FOR Hydraulic Pumps for Escort Crane and ACE Crane 23-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00012/2024-25 03-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4836027 - M18131 Supply of Skilled and Semi-Skilled Manpower for Repair & Maintenance of Dozers & CRS Jobs 24-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 138650.00 NO
KCC KCC/00007/2024-25 03-Apr-2024 RFQ No. 10851 BIENNIAL CONTRACT FOR DISPOSAL OF GARBAGE CLEANING AND DEAD/INJURED ANIMALS FROM KCM TOWNSHIP DURING 2024-26 (GEM/2024/B/48355857) 24-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 16000.00 NO
MCP MCP/00001/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 GeM bid no. GEM/2024/B/4829078 dated 01-04-2024 for Engine Air Filter/Element assembly for BD-355 Bulldozers 22-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00002/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 GeM bid no. GEM/2024/B/4829466 dated 01-04-2024 for MIrrors required for Dumpers, Water Tankers and Motor Graders 22-Apr-2024 3:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00003/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 RFQ 10846 Contract for “Rebabbitting and Machining of worn out white metal lined bush bearing of polish winder” (GEM/2024/B/4830481) 23-Apr-2024 10:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00002/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 Bid Number/GEM/2024/B/4829165 Dated: 01-04-2024 for Seal Kit Main Control Valve (STE) 16-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00004/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 Bid Number/GEM/2024/B/4828996 Dated/ : 01-04-2024 for Seat Belt for Mahindra Vehicles 22-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00005/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 Bid Number : GEM/2024/B/4829621 Dated : 01-04-2024 FOR SPARES FOR POWERPACK OF CRUSHERS 22-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00006/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 Bid Number/ GEM/2024/B/4829734 Dated/: 01-04-2024 FOR Spares of final drive of Motor Grader (BG-605) 22-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00007/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 Gem Bid No. GEM/2024/B/4828483 Dated 01-04-2024 for CS NRV 200 mm and CS Gate valve 250 mm 22-Apr-2024 3:00 AM 0.00 16600.00 NO
KCC KCC/00004/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 RFQ-10843 /HI CHROME GRINDING MEDIA BALLS - 60 MM DIA (Q3)/GEM/2024/B/4829940 23-Apr-2024 11:00 AM 0.00 2686859.00 NO
KCC KCC/00005/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 RFQ No. 10847 Complete rewinding and replacement work of rotor assembly for NGEF Make Slip Ring Induction Motor of 180 KW/245 HP, 1495 RPM (GEM/2024/B/4831532) 23-Apr-2024 1:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
MCP MCP/00008/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 GEM/2024/B/4832522 -M18113 Onsite Overhauling of Mines Transformers. 17-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 11400.00 NO
KCC KCC/00006/2024-25 02-Apr-2024 RFQ 10848 for Providing and fixing of required items to renovate the Guest house in KCC Township (CPPP:2024_HCL_192773_1) 23-Apr-2024 2:30 PM 0.00 12800.00 NO
KCC KCC/00001/2024-25 01-Apr-2024 RFQ 10844 for CONTRACT FOR REVESRING OF TALILING DISPOSAL LINE FROM HRT(T) TO TAILING DAM (GEM/2024/B/4829191) 22-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 40000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00002/2024-25 01-Apr-2024 RFQ 10834/GEM BID : GEM/2024/B/4829383/PROCUREMENT OF LIGHTING TRANSFORMERS 22-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 85000.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00001/2024-25 01-Apr-2024 HCL/M&C/MCP/WINDER/2023-24/01 DATED 01.04.2024 16-May-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 5000000.00 NO CPP portal Tender ID 2024_HCL_192714_1
Corporate Office CO/00002/2024-25 01-Apr-2024 AMC of Video Conferencing Solution across all Locations of Hindustan Copper Ltd.(Bid No.-GEM/2024/B/4830051 dated 01.04.2024) 16-Apr-2024 12:00 AM 0.00 147500.00 NO
KCC KCC/00542/2023-24 30-Mar-2024 RFQ No.10809 Main Ventilation Fan: Banwas Mine 29-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 1846000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00538/2023-24 29-Mar-2024 RFQ-10840/Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4825216/Procurement of Loader Hose Pipe 2 inch 19-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00540/2023-24 29-Mar-2024 RFQ -11839 /Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4825225 /Procurement of “WELDING ELECTRODES” for KCM Mechanical 19-Apr-2024 4:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00540/2023-24 29-Mar-2024 RFQ-10836 Protective Safety equipment Items/GEM/2024/B/4825191 20-Apr-2024 10:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00537/2023-24 28-Mar-2024 RFQ 10837 Biennial Contract for Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance of ROCKWELL AUTOMATION MAKE PLC for Shaft Signaling at 424 M/L (KCM) (GEM/2024/B/4824628) 18-Apr-2024 7:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00533/2023-24 27-Mar-2024 RFQ -10822 /Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4813213 /Procurement of “GI SHEET” for KCC CIVIL 17-Apr-2024 1:00 PM 0.00 14000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00260/2023-24 27-Mar-2024 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2024/B/4818680 (Carrying out Drone survey and delivering data as per scope of work for Surda, Kendadih and Rakha mines of HCL/ICC) 17-Apr-2024 3:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
TCP TCP/00101/2023-24 27-Mar-2024 Supply & Installation of Dry Battery 12 volts 26 AMP on buyback basis 17-Apr-2024 7:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00069/2023-24 26-Mar-2024 Handling, Custom Clearance, CHA and Containerized Road Transportation of a total of 540 WMT+/-10% Copper Dust (Copper Dust-1and Copper Dust-2) and Anode Slime from ICC, Ghatsila to Kolkata Port/CFS 16-Apr-2024 2:00 PM 0.00 30000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00531/2023-24 26-Mar-2024 RFQ 10756/Bid Number: GEM/2024/B/4818846/PROCUREMENT OF CEILING FAN FOR STP-KCM 16-Apr-2024 6:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO