Environment Care

Hindustan Copper Limited is fully committed to the concept of operating in an environment-friendly atmosphere. In addition to the environmental protection measures that were in-built with the original project, additional steps have been taken to conform to all the regulatory standards prescribed by the Pollution Control authorities.

The ambient air quality is regularly monitored at the mines, process plants and residential areas of all units. The air pollution control projects, which were commissioned previously for meeting Pollution Control Board standards for gaseous emission from smelters and other plants, continued to be operational. An environment audit has been carried out during the year through an expert agency. Remedial measures based on their recommendations are being implemented at all the units.

Effluent treatment facilities installed at the units of the Company worked satisfactorily during the year and met regulatory norms set by State Pollution Control Boards. Recycling of process-discharged water after treatment also continued throughout the year. Solid waste from plants and hospitals was properly treated and safely disposed off or stored. To protect the environment and maintain ecological balance in the surrounding areas, Company undertakes tree plantation in and around its production units on a regular basis. Further, measures have also been taken to protect flora and fauna. Stress was given on housekeeping, cleanliness, hygiene and safety throughout the year at all units. Environment related workshops and seminars were conducted during the year.

The company proposes to carry out a study on development of phytoremediation technique in plots already covered with top soil in the tailing dam area in MCP. Based on the result of this study, the same will be employed to other related mine tailings.