निविदा सूची

  From 01.07.2019 onward E-procurement of HCL shall be done through NIC Portal https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app || निविदाएं भी उपलब्ध हैं http://eprocure.gov.in/cppp/

इकाई का नाम जांच संख्या पूछताछ की तारीख छोटा शीर्षक समाप्ति दिनांक / समय निविदा दस्तावेज की लागत (रु।) ईएमडी (रु।) कैंसिल /डिस्चार्ज रिमार्क्स
KCC KCC/00001/2020-21 04-Apr-2020 Supply of Manpower to KCM/HCL 27-Apr-2020 2:30 PM 0.00 229000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00003/2020-21 04-Apr-2020 Enquiry No: I-12645/WEB/CONT/BT (Engagement of Pool vehicles for Year 2020-2021) 24-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 31000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00002/2020-21 04-Apr-2020 Supply of Security Personel for KCC & KCM 09-Apr-2020 6:40 PM 0.00 150000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00001/2020-21 01-Apr-2020 NIT- I-12640/LTE/GRG/DIS, Procurement of 12 V, 11 Plate Battery for Motor Garage 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00001/2020-21 01-Apr-2020 Procurement of Bearings for Surda Mines. 24-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00724/2019-20 31-Mar-2020 Procurement of Items for Lab Development at ITI Dhalbhumgarh 14-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00723/2019-20 27-Mar-2020 I-12617/LTE/MSB/PSD. TROUGHING IDLERS WITH FRAME, RETURN IDLER, GUIDE ROLLER 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00721/2019-20 24-Mar-2020 NIT-I-12630/LTE/MSB/DIS, Procurement of Chain Sprocket and Oil Cutter for Mosabani Plant 14-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00539/2019-20 21-Mar-2020 RFQ-8645 Procurement of “EOT Crane Gear Boxes(Concentrator 16-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 14500.00 NO
KCC KCC/00540/2019-20 21-Mar-2020 RFQ-8653 Procurement of “CRIMPING TOOLS” 16-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00720/2019-20 21-Mar-2020 Enquiry No: I-12573/WEB/CONT/BT (Conducting test works on Copper ore at ICC Mines) 10-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 20000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00541/2019-20 21-Mar-2020 Hiring of Air cooled screw compressors of min. 1000 cfm @ 100 psi for KCM 09-Apr-2020 2:30 PM 0.00 54000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00541/2019-20 21-Mar-2020 RFQ-8654 PROCUREMENT OF "DOSING PUMP FOR HRT Conc" 16-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00536/2019-20 19-Mar-2020 RFQ-8648 SEMI RIGID FLEXIBLE DUCTING 16-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00537/2019-20 19-Mar-2020 RFQ-8649 SPECIAL BEARING FOR KCM 09-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 2000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00538/2019-20 19-Mar-2020 RFQ-8650 MANILA ROPE 09-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
Corporate Office CO/00045/2019-20 19-Mar-2020 Renewal of Fortinet Security Services 21-Apr-2020 3:00 PM 0.00 19000.00 NO
KCC KCC/00535/2019-20 17-Mar-2020 RFQ-8644 Procurement of “Gland packing for –KCM 09-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00532/2019-20 16-Mar-2020 Hiring of Diesel operated 4 wheel drive Jeep or utility vehicle 1999 make onward for Aerial Rope Way Khetri Copper Complex 13-Apr-2020 2:30 PM 0.00 2700.00 NO
ICC ICC/00708/2019-20 16-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12628/LTE/BH/KK for Procurement of Burner Nozzle for Thermax Package Boiler. 14-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00711/2019-20 16-Mar-2020 NIT-I-12609/WEB/MSB/DIS, Procurement of Liner Socket for 5 ½’ Simon Cone Crusher for MSB Plant 10-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 2930.00 NO
ICC ICC/00711/2019-20 16-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12615/LTE/MSB/PSD. Procurement of SPARES FOR PEDESTAL FAN AT MSB PLANT 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00713/2019-20 16-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12616/LTE/SRD/PSD. Procurement of STONE AGGREGATES 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00704/2019-20 14-Mar-2020 Enquiry No: I-12586/WEB/CONT/BT (REFURBISHING OF FLENDER GEAR BOX OF BALL MILL) 05-May-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 4630.00 NO
ICC ICC/00705/2019-20 14-Mar-2020 Enquiry No : I-12622/LTE/CONT/BT (Limited Tender Enquiry for Calibration of ICC R&D Balance, oven, muffle and weight box) 14-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00702/2019-20 13-Mar-2020 NIT-I-12626/LTE/SRD/DIS, Procurement of Oxygen & DA Cylinders 17-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
KCC KCC/00529/2019-20 13-Mar-2020 RFQ-8640 CRUSHER LINER 20-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 32000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00701/2019-20 12-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12554/OPEN/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF ACB’S- ICOG/PDB LT PANELS FOR SURDA MINES 28-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 9983.00 NO
ICC ICC/00696/2019-20 09-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I- 12551/nic/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF BALL MILL FEED HEAD FOR BALL MILL NO.1 TO 4 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 16900.00 NO
ICC ICC/00697/2019-20 09-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12580/LTE/SRD/PSD. Procurement of CONTROLLER BLOCK AND D CONTACT 28-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00698/2019-20 09-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12589/LTE/SRD/PSD. Procurement of WHEEL OF OPEN LOCO 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00699/2019-20 09-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12598/LTE/HOSP/PSD. Procurement of X-RAY FILM 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00693/2019-20 06-Mar-2020 Enquiry No.I-12607/OPEN/SURDA/KK for Procurement of Transformer Oil for Surda Mines. 14-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 4200.00 NO
ICC ICC/00694/2019-20 06-Mar-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12610/LTE/SURDA/KK for Procurement of MCCB Suitable for DC Supply for Safe Operation of Loco. 14-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00689/2019-20 04-Mar-2020 Enquiry No: I-12578/WEB/CONT/BT (RENEWAL OF AMC OF PLC-SCADA AUTOMATION SYSTEM 2020-21) 14-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 4070.00 NO
KCC KCC/00511/2019-20 02-Mar-2020 RFQ-8550 FOR SUPPLY OF COMPLETE PEDESTAL MOUNTED HYDRAULIC ROCK BREAKER 17-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 225000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00680/2019-20 28-Feb-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12571/OPEN/SRD/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF SPARES FOR OEPL 4T LOCO 10-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 6543.00 NO
ICC ICC/00674/2019-20 26-Feb-2020 NIT-I-12549/WEB/CS/DIS, Procurement of Barytes Natural Barium Sulphate 24-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 8820.00 NO
ICC ICC/00665/2019-20 22-Feb-2020 Enquiry No : I-12583/LTE/CONT/BT (Limited Tender Enquiry for NABL ACCREDIATION OF ICC WORKS R&D) 14-Apr-2020 2:00 PM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00654/2019-20 17-Feb-2020 Enquiry No.: I-12532/OPEN/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF 132 KW INDUCTION MOTOR FOR VENTILATION FAN 28-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 5020.00 NO
ICC ICC/00656/2019-20 17-Feb-2020 Enquiry No. : I-12560/LTE/MSB/PSD. Procurement of WHITE (BABBIT ) METAL FOR MOSABONI 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 0.00 NO
ICC ICC/00627/2019-20 05-Feb-2020 NIT-I-12541/NIC/REFA/DIS, Refractory Bricks 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 13000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00019/2019-20 31-Jan-2020 414 Hiring of 4.0TPH FO/LDO fired boiler with operator at Gujarat Copper Project 21-Apr-2020 3:00 PM 0.00 20000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00017/2019-20 02-Jan-2020 410 Replacement of Venturi duct(T-shape) in gas cleaning plant, Kaldo at GCP 24-Apr-2020 3:00 PM 0.00 3500.00 NO
GCP GCP/00018/2019-20 02-Jan-2020 412 Repairing of entrainment separator(FRP make) in gas cleaning plant, kaldo at GCP 24-Apr-2020 3:00 PM 0.00 30000.00 NO
GCP GCP/00016/2019-20 31-Dec-2019 411 Replacement of buffer tank at gas cleaning plant,Kaldo at GCP 21-Apr-2020 3:00 PM 0.00 11000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00466/2019-20 06-Dec-2019 Enquiry No. I-12206/nic/MSB/PSD. PROCUREMENT OF LHD FOR SURDA 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 110000.00 NO
ICC ICC/00385/2019-20 09-Nov-2019 Enquiry No. : I-12283/nic/PSD. Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Polymer Concrete Cells (117Numbers) with all process PVC FRP piping system for electrolytic copper refining as per Size of ICC Anode (ANNEXURE-VIII) on turnkey basis 21-Apr-2020 11:00 AM 0.00 474500.00 NO