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A.       Daily London Metal Exchange (LME) Cash Settlement Price (CSP)
B.       Fortnightly (F) LME CSP average
           -          1st Fortnight 1st to 15th ,
           -          2nd Fortnight 16th to end of month
           -          Mid Fortnight 8th to 21st ,  
C.       Monthly (M) LME CSP average
          -          1st to end of the month
D.       Weekly (W) LME CSP average
          -              1st Week-1st to 7th ,
         -           2nd Week-8th to 14th ,
         -           3rd Week-15th to 21st and
         -           4th Week-22nd to end of month
Note : Lifting Options:
             -                      Immediate
             -                      Forward (1/2/3 Month) :    Minimum lot size of 9 MT
Note: It is clarified that the Forward option is available only in case of CSP bookings and not Average bookings.